Obama rolled into Union Station today speaking of a new Declaration of Independence.  It was a beautiful trip, particularly because he traveled with his family, with friends, and at Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore stopped to give speeches to throngs of supporters.

The enthusiasm and beauty of today’s journey, however, is not rooted in Independence; not this time around.  We’re a different nation now, more different than we know.  We are different because we are humbled, but in that humility, we are freer.

Our new freedom, our new independence does not arise from some belief that Obama is going to help us triumph over evil outside.  It arises  from Obama’s implicit recognition, and our explicit joy of being recognized, that we are intERdependent.  We, the people, all of us and each of us, matter.

Obama understands interdependence.  He exemplified interdependence in his astute choice to leverage the Internet’s near-infinite power to enable individuals to create and value relationships of their choosing.   We were given tools to create our own campaign organizations.   Even through the post-election transition process., the invitations came: talk to us; formulate policy; relate with us and with each other.

IntERdependence is the engine of democracy; it creates the nanostructures of new economies.  People lined 137 miles of railroad track, therefore, not to see some new Hercules.   They came to see in their new President a reflection of their individual importance reflected back to them in the President they just elected.   He not only moved the power of democracy to the edge, but opened the path back to the middle.   Reverberating throughout the crowds was the music of interdependence.  Let the new freedom ring.


P.S.  I will be writing more about interdepence in several respects, whether from the necessity for new legal and regulatory framing, to behavioral economics, to how we rebuild the infrastructure of this country, to things like Twitter.  And I’m depending on your help.