At noon eastern time today, we the people, we the nation, we the world, were reborn in a new administration, a new light, and a new hope. We are a new nation. After eight years of suffering through the worst of what we could be, we awaken from the darkness of greed, fear, jingoism, and hatred to step up to that higher more compassionate place: the bedrock of this Nation’s greatness: the freedom to interrelate within, among and between the vast differentiated multitude that we are. We are united in our individual uniqueness; we are alive in our diversity, we are strengthened by our differences. Again, we are one. Again, we are united in our diversity. Again, we are free. Prosperity welcomes us. It begins right here, right now: celebrating the abundance of differential creativity and the infinity of interrelationships its celebration creates.

God Bless this Nation, God Bless it’s new President and God Bless all leaders and all people of all nations. Thank You God for diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and political approaches delivered us to this moment.

Say Amen!