Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is to business organization & operation what Internet is to society: deeply fractal fragmentation of power and it’s inevitable migration towards the foundation of all economies: single, solitary, unique, restless, creative, and hard working human beings who reorganize and revalue it. Interrelatedness matters as does uniqueness. Thus the corporate world’s drive toward banal uniformity undermines the very value it seeks to create.

The Internet, by contrast, provides a ready environment for the creation and maintenance of individual and unique value, but with all of the consistency of purpose, execution, and legality that the corporate world was first established to provide.

What this means is corporations will continue, but they will start smaller but grow and dissociate more quickly across a broader geographic and demographic categories.

As a result, the study and ongoing perfection of VRM will be as critical as the conventional study of law, business and technology is today.